Sensation Poland 2018 – organizational news and a map!

Tickets will be available at the ticket office on the day of the event. The cash desk will
be open from 15:00 until the morning.

Sensation Poland 2018 will take place on October 13 in the city of Gliwice! It will certainly be one of the biggest events not only this year, but also the last years, because this legendary Dutch brand returns to our country after eight years. This unique event will take place in the modern Arena in Gliwice. Below, we present a handful of valuable organizational information, which must be read by every participant of Sensation, which this time will be held under the new motto: “RISE”.



21:00 – 21:50 Gromee
21:50 – 22:50 Mr. White
22:50 – 23:50 Roger Sanchez
23:50 – 00:00 MegaMix
00:00 – 01:00 Fedde Le Grand
01:00 – 02:00 PureNRG LIVE
02:00 – 03:00 Paul van Dyk
03:00 – 04:00 Marco V
04:00 – 05:00 Erick Morillo

Map attached. Please read it.

Online sales will continue until Saturday, October 13 at 23:59 on the website
Currently tickets are available on BILETY SENSATION POLAND 2018.

Tickets will be available at the ticket office on the day of the event. The cash desk will be open from 15:00 until the morning.


– GOLDEN: 690 zł, – GOLDEN: PLN 690,
– DELUXE VIP: 900 zł, – DELUXE VIP: PLN 900,
– SKYBOX, 1700 zł za osobę. – SKYBOX, PLN 1700 per person.
Chętnych prosimy o kontakt z osobą odpowiedzialną za SkyBox: If you are interested, please contact the person responsible for SkyBox:
Kinga Celińska, tel. 602351292 Kinga Celińska, tel. 602351292


Find your friends, see who plays and always know what is happening at Sensation Poland 2018! Hop in, start and start discovering what Woov is. The application will be used for the third time at the Polish event!

Important organizational information:

Opening gates:
– 20:00 otwarcie szatni, – 20:00 opening of the changing room,
– 20:00 wejście główne z biletami STANDARD, – 20:00 main entrance with STANDARD tickets,
– 20:30 wejście z biletami VIP, DELUXE VIP i inne, – 20:30 entry with VIP tickets, DELUXE VIP and others,
– 20:00 media, press. – 20:00 media, press

You can not bring professional or semi-professional cameras to the event area, this also applies to GoPro cameras. You can not also bring selfiesticks. However, you can bring devices such as powerbank and gimbal.

Exit from the event is equivalent to the expiry of the ticket.

People who have won a ticket in competitions will have to have their individual code received from the media. An identity document is also required. After positive verification, the person will get a wristband with a code to be scanned at the main entrance.

At the main entrance A on the premises of the mass event there will be a reception desk marked as information, where people seeking help will be able to get it in both Polish and English.

OUTFIT: ✅ WHITE = WHITE. So there is no beige, gray, brown and other regardless of the shade. ✅ White shirts with small prints of a different color – OK. ✅ Accessories of a different color – OK. ✅ Shoes of a different color – OK. ✅ White jeans – OK. ✅ White shorts – OK ✅ Up to 10% of the clothing may have a different color than white.
Keep in mind that if you do not wear white clothes – you will not enter the party. Even with a valid ticket.. ⚠️


Many people have problems buying white trousers, especially men. In order to meet this problem, we have decided that white overalls will be available at the box office on the day of the event. Persons who have a ticket can buy them at a price of PLN 12,
while those who buy a ticket at the box will purchase a suit at the price of PLN 8. Available sizes from M to XXXL. Quantity – 500 pieces.

Of course, you can also buy other, other clothes with the logo of Sensation in our official store. They will be t-shirts, sweatshirts and trousers. You can order them HERE: SKLEP TME!

During Sensation Poland 2018 there will be two stands with gadgets. The first outside, where you can buy white clothing for the event, while the second store will be in the middle. You will be able to buy official gadgets like t-shirts, sweatshirts or silicone
bands, as well as CDs signed by Sony Music Poland and ProLogic Musicc.

On Monday, October 8, will start the online pre-sales of gadgets to be picked up before the event. Link: SKLEP TME

Changing rooms are located on every level, excluding the plate. Changing rooms are payable and operated by the Gliwice hall operator. For each item left in the cloakroom, a fee of 5 PLN is charged. The fees are collected by the operator of the Gliwice Arena.

In the mass event there are toilets, which will be free.


– competition tickets: persons on the competition list will have to provide their special code at the box office, and then with the received wristband they must go to the main entrance,
– media / press: gate from Akademicka street,
– people with disabilities: entrance A,
– main sector tickets: entry A,
– SKY BOX tickets: entry C,
– VIP tickets, DELUXE VIP: entry C.

Each zone has its own catering, medical and other facilities.

Please note that there are food and beverage outlets in the area where you can buy cool drinks, energy drinks, beer – 3.5% and various types of fast food.


Rules for exchanging cash for tokens (detailed regulations can be found in the hall, please refer to it).

1) During the event titled “Sensation Poland 2018” (13/10/2018) payments at trade stands can be made only with tokens listed in designated and marked token points.
2) Tokens are not valid for the purchase of tickets for our next events. You can buy tickets for these events by paying in cash or by card.
3) In tokens stands, we exchange money for tokens. We accept payment cards.
4) THE BELT CONTAINS 5 PCS. TOKENS. THE VALUE OF THE HOLDER BELT – 25 PLN. You can exchange the least of 1 zlotys in a bar = 5 tokens.
5) The points do not accept the return of the mentioned and unused token.

All smoking rooms are located outside the facility. In the arena there is a total ban on smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Each sector has its own smoking rooms.

Deposit (deposit lockers) is located next to the external store and ticket offices. It is only available from the outside. Receipt of items is available only after leaving the Arena. The deposit is subject to security control of deposited items to the deposit. Cost: PLN 20.
The regulations are on deposit.

Car parks are serviced by the Arena Gliwice operator. The Gliwice Arena receives the proceeds from the parking lots. Parking is paid in cash on site, but tickets can also be purchased electronically. LINK: PARKINGI ARENA GLIWICE

The number of places is limited.

From the station in Gliwice as well as from the station in Katowice, communication will be available supported by GTV BUS from the Main
Railway Station in Katowice and the Main Railway Station in Gliwice.

Buses run from 19:00 every 30 minutes until 22:00.
Buses will start running again from 3:00 to 7:00.
PRICE: 5 PLN payable in cash on the bus.

Buses run from 18:30, every 60 minutes, until 21:30.
Buses will start running again from 3:00 to 7:00.
PRICE: 10 PLN payable in cash on the bus

All information and prices on the fanpage’u GTV PARTY BUS.
The fees are collected by GTV Party Bus

People with disabilities:
People with disabilities who are in a wheelchair can enter the Arena for free along with a guardian who must have an entrance ticket. The organizer provides assistance to places designed for the disabled.

Drugs and others:
We take into account the fact that some people need to have insulin pumps and medicines with you during the event. Please inform us about this security at the entrances. Any doubts about medicines will be consulted by the medical services.


The exact rules of the event can be found on TME-EVENT.COM

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